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Plant medicine assisted detox resets the opiate receptors to a pre-addictive state and reduces withdrawals by 90%. It cost anywhere from 6k-15k depending on the clinic and your situation. Mexico and Costa Rica are the most common destinations for this type of treatment. 

In addition to undergoing plant medicine assisted detox, quitting smoking and reducing or eliminating alcohol consumption helps calm anxiety, depression, and trauma. It's a life changing experience that saved my and many of my friends lives. 

If you are interested, I invite you to watch more of my videos and if you would like me to connect you with trusted providers, please shoot me a text with the substances you are currently taking and I’ll introduce you to my friend and collegue, Ray Rodriguez with Root Recovery, an aftercare program for people who have recently undergone plant medicine assisted detox and are looking to integrate the experience into their life. 

I currenlty have made some time on my schedule to talk to you! Please use the schedule below to book a time convenient for you (straight onto my schedule) in the coming days!

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