Frequently Asked Questions




Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the recommended length of stay at Root Recovery?
    • We recommend a minimum of two months. The most current research has stated that real change takes on average between 66-254 days. So we recommend a minimum of two months, but if someone is unable to afford a two month stay, we have ways to help them extend their recovery runway through coaching. It is not as ideal as a full change in environment, but is better than the alternative. AS such, we provide an off site Being True to You certified recovery coach that provides remote coaching before, during, and after a stay at Root Recovery. This provides an individual with continuity of care.

  • Will food be provided at Root Recovery?
    • Yes and we teach about the importance of gut health along with it.

  • Can I bring my cell phone with me?
    • yes, in appropriate context.

  • Can I smoke at Root Recovery?
    • Yes, tobacco smoking is allowed in designated areas outdoors.

  • Do you offer private rooms?
    • For alternate pricing, yes. Otherwise, all guests reside in double rooms.

Addiction Recovery Retreat in Austin, Texas

Root Recovery helps individuals look within to find healing, and ultimately long-term recovery. No matter what type of addiction you may be struggling with, our unique tools and modalities help create a shift in perspective with a mind, body, and spirit approach. In a small and intimate setting, each of our clients receives individualized attention with access to holistic and therapeutic concierge services to integrate themselves back into the world with newfound tools, coping skills, and a better understanding of themselves. 

Read The Stories of Recovery

JF Texas
"I have seen miracles happen at Root Recovery. It has been amazing seeing the change in people and their recovery process from being here. I can't recommend this place enough!"
QH Virginia
Root recovery has played a huge part in my life and my recovery. I would not be doing so well in my recovery if it wasn’t for Lindsey and Ray. Their combined knowledge on recovery and therapy makes them an amazing team.
JL California
Root Recovery gave me time to create a new lifestyle, build up my tools and a supportive community to provide a base for an amazing recovery and also reconnect with nature and myself on a very deep level.


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