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The State of the Art of Sustainable Recovery

You have discovered an invaluable source of information for your quest for a sustainable recovery from addiction. Whether you are struggling with addiction, or you are here on behalf of a loved one who is, you are in the right place. 

Over the last few years we have achieved the unheard of. Our program is achieving a 70% success rate (clients staying sober after the first year of recovery) in and industry with a 10% success rate (90% failure rate). Even using the most conservative figures, our "Long-Term Sustainable Approach" to recovery is getting 500% better outcomes than the next most successful methodologies available. 

On these pages we will highlight some of the methods that make long-term sustainable recovery not only possible but probable. And if you want a detailed description of exactly how we achieve this astonishing result, be sure to request our "Personalized Recovery Roadmap." 

You are not alone in your quest. The ability to maintain long-term recovery is an area of concern for many people who have been in the seemingly endless cycle of addiction, and having access to a professional support team and recovery community is vital to successful sobriety. 

Our one-of-a-kind holistic recovery community provides a one month to one year non-12-step space to seed, grow, and cultivate real and lasting change refected by new habits and life skills. 

Our program emphasizes developing a sense of autonomy through practices that enable one to self-author and create their own experience in life rather than clinging to the old paradigm of "once an addict, always an addict".  In our highly-effective program, individuals are offered support in creating a personalized and sustainable recovery plan and implementing an active purpose-filled life. We have numerous live-in options available to meet different needs and budgets based on each person's unique circumstances.

Every successful recovery includes at least three components. 1) Effective Detox Treatment, 2) Aftercare, and 3) Longer-Term Sustainable Recovery Support (usually coaching and community). Although we don't provide detox services at our location, we refer our clients to the top holistic and alternative detox services available. Because sustainable, long-term recovery always begins with the right detox for the person's unique situation, we often start supporting people at that stage. We are happy to help you figure out the best detox method that is available. You may be amazed to learn about some of the newer and/or less known methods of alternative detox that can completely eliminate withdrawal symptoms and accelerate a person's ability to recover fully from addiction more quickly. 

Many people aren't aware how absolutely crucial the first two months after detox are. We refer to this phase of early recover (right after detox) as the "cocoon." It is technically the start of the "early recovery" phase. Clearly, if you want to succeed in your recovery, you can't go through detox and then immediatly go right back into the old environment, with the old stressors and triggers, and immediately start interacting with the same people that were part of the addictive behavior cycle. In the recovery industry, the first one to months after detox are referred to as "aftercare." This basically means, the time right after detox and before the addict attempts to return to the environment associated with the addictive behavior. We refer to this time period, and the environment that must be created that is conducive to success, as "cocooning."

Root Recover is seen in the industry as one of, if not the, leading experts in aftercare or "cocooning." The trauma-informed, holistic, integrated and alternative methodology we pioneered in the last few years is achieving an astonishing 500% better outcomes than conventional approaches to alcohol and drug treatment methods. 

We are not a traditional "treatment" facility nor do we operate as a rehab model. We offer an alternative integrative aftercare model that enables individuals the ability to create a lifestyle that supports sustained recovery. We are very selective and only accept applicants that are a strong fit for our program and that will have a high probability of success.

If you would like to learn more about our aftercare services, please visit our Aftercare Services page by clicking the button below.  

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Enabling Sustainable Long-Term Recovery

An Ideal Place to "Cocoon" in Early Recovery

The ability to maintain long-term recovery is an area of concern for many people who have been in the seemingly endless cycle of addiction, and having access to a professional support team and recovery community is vital to successful sobriety. 

Is has become abundantly clear in the recovery field, that the key to success in the early recovery phase (following detox) is to create a "cocoon" where you can feel safe, protected, undistracted and away from the and stressors and triggers in your regular environment. We have created the perfect environment for you to cocoon in and protect your early recovery. 

Our beautiful, restful and supportive recovery community is located just west of downtown Austin, Texas in an upscale area with easy access to all that Austin has to offer. Our recovery community offers many amenities both on our two properties and within a short drive of them. Austin has much to offer people during their recovery journey, including the Austin green belt, numerous lakes and natural swimming holes, and countless hiking and biking trails.

For those looking for a new life transition at the completion of our program, Austin's thriving economy is the perfect place for individuals in recovery to re-create life on a new slate. Austin's combination of affordability, job availability, and cultural value has earned it the position of 2018's "best place to live in the US" by CNBC, which we at Root Recovery and those who have completed our program and remained here can attest to. 

The Root Recovery Methodology

Uniquely Effective Holistic Approach to Recovery

The methodology we have pioneered consistently achieves 500% better outcomes than conventional approaches (including rehab and 12-step approaches). This is achieved through a careful integration of a number of different holistic approaches that get at the root cause of addictive behavior and provide the optimim opportunity to heal and develop the skills that will be necessary for a long-term sustainable recovery. Below we offer a very high-level, brief overview of some of the crucial components of our proprietary recovery system. 

Recovery Coaching

Root Recovery partners with Being True to You’s Addiction Recovery Coaching Program, which is a revolutionary approach to facing addiction that is based on “transformational recovery.” This model focuses on the opportunity of recovery more than the “disease” and problem of addiction. The program is designed to be fun, activating, motivating, life-changing, practical, and customizable. Through personal transformation a person CAN naturally mature out of their addiction and achieve success far beyond sobriety, on their own terms. Every coach at Root Recovery is a certified Being True to You Recovery Coach. Our recovery coaching model is both trauma and addiction informed and is most effective when used as part of a comprehensive plan that includes appropriate social supports and practicing new lifestyle skills, which we provide at Root Recovery. We have adapted our method of recovery coaching to include integration work, thus making meaning of the experience. We also teach how to tap into the intelligence of the body to move out traumatic or otherwise charged content that may be contributing to the urge to use.


Uncovering and treating the root cause of addiction is central to achieving long-term recovery success. Most problems either fail to uncover the root causes, or don't even attempt it. Our programs offer one-on-one psychotherapy from a licensed professional counselor (LPC) who is highly trained in addiction treatment, recovery and psychedelic integration therapy. The unique type of therapy we provide is designed to get to the root of the addiction itself. Among several methodologies, we often incorporate EMDR, psychodynamic and Internal Family Systems Therapy based on the needs of the individual client. 

Nutrition, Yoga, Exercise and Outdoors

The cornerstone of our philosphy at Root Recovery is to replace old thinking and behavioral patterns that reinforce addiction with a new mindset supported by practices that connect one to their inner truth. While it's important to change thinking patterns, one must also address the damage done to the body by chronic substance use. As such, we have a live-in chef who prepares meals designed to help repair and rebuild the body after being depleted by addiction. A healthy vibrant physical being is vital to healing one's connection to self and by healing the body, the foundation is built to support healing of the whole person (mind, body, and spirit). Yoga is increasingly being used in recovery to help prevent relapse, reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings, and provide a healthy outlet to cope with potential triggers and daily life stressors. At Root Recovery, we teach both hatha yoga and kundalini yoga. Through the daily practice of yoga, those layers slowly disappear. With enough daily practice, many people experience breakthroughs in their recovery process. We also provide the opportunity for daily cardio and strenght training exercise (we have a weight room on our premises as well as many other options). Austin possesses a wealth of hiking trails and swimming holes in and around the city. One of our favorite activities is to combine them by hitting the trails that lead to favorite water spots for a refreshing swim before heading back. Weather permitting, we get out almost daily. 

Supplemental Holistic Treatments 

Our clients have the opportunity to benefit from cryotherapy, breathwork, accupuncture and several other supplemental services.  Cryotherapy is a natural pain reduction remedy. It is a great way to get a natural rush and relieve pain without relying on medication. Breathwork is an amazing holistic supplemental treatment, along with therapy, to aid in your recovery from addiction and a lifelong skill that you can take with you throughout your journey of sustainable recovery. We also make available other treatments including accupuncture, accupressure, massage, cleanses and so on, on a case by case basis (some of these are included in our packages and some are available "a la carte" (as desired at an additional cost).

The above description is a high-level summary of some of our key modalities. For a more detailed description of our aftercare services and our uniquely effective holistic methodology, please visit our Aftercare Services page by clicking the button below. 

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The True Cost of Addiction and Recovery

Financing Your Sustainable Recovery 

Addiction is a life-threatening medical and psychological condition. It is treatable. But if it goes untreated it becomes very dangerous and very costly. An active addiction is expensive in both financial and non-financial terms. With addiction and recovery, you pay now or pay later. There is no “low cost” or “no cost” option. However, there are "lower" cost options. We strongly encourage our clients and their loved ones who are contemplating the cost of treatment to take into account the "Total Cost" of untreated addiction and the cost of treatment in both financial terms and non-financial terms.  

There are only three ways out of addiction. Death, incarceration, or a “sustainable recover” approach that gets to and heals the root cause.  We can calculate many of the financial and non-financial costs of addiction and recovery. If you are contemplating the cost of treatment, you must also take into account the cost of relapse and the probability of relapse.  Clearly a relapse can be very costly in financial and emotional terms.

There are three scenarios that addicts and their loved ones face: 

  1. No further treatment (still is expensive in many ways and is very dangerous)
  2. Conventional treatment with high chance of relapses (dangerous and also expensive)
  3. Alternative / Sustainable  Recovery with very low chance of relapse (what we do)

The alternative sustainable approach to recovery that we support does require a financial investment in the first year, but over several years, is actually cheaper than conventional approaches! On average, the total financial cost for an entire year of sustainable recovery support is about the same as one month of rehab (the conventional model). And yet our method produces 500% better outcomes than the rehab model. Rehab is both expensive and has a very high level of relapse (as do many 12-step and traditional methods). Our approach is less expensive over the course of 1-2 years (all costs taken into account) with a very low chance of relapse. 

An investment into aftercare and transitional living "extends the runway" of your early recovery phase so that you have the time you need to heal what needs healing and to build the new skills and lifestyle habits necessary for long-term success. 

There are many options and packages available, including ones that you may have not explored yet. To determine the best approach for you or your loved one, we need to take into account your needs, risks, financial ability, and so on.

One option that has been helpful for many of our clients is, M-Lend Financial, a company that we have a partnership with that has a 20-year+ successful track record of helping people to finance medical needs, especially recovery from addiction. They have different options for a wide range of credit ratings. Their services may also provide you a welcome "bridge financing vehicle," until other long term debt arrangements can be made.  M-Lend Financial's 12-month zero interest financing is generally a better option than some of the other "same as cash" lending programs. With M-Lend Financial, interest is only charged on a go forward basis on the remaining balance only and typically ranges from 10.9% to 18.9%. They also provide fixed interest installment loans for various credit tiers with terms up to 84 months. To learn more, or to apply please visit their website  www.MLendFinance.com  or you can give them a call directly at: 1-888-474-6231

We are happy to discuss with you to determine the best way to configure your recovery approach and to finance your investment, including getting creative with you to put together a recovery program that meets your needs and can accommodate your current financial situation. The best thing to do is to just give us a call and we can help you think through your options. To start a conversation with us email or call us. (Contact Info below). 

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