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At Root Recovery, we offer a medical concierge service where we take you to and from outpatient detox in Austin utilizing NAD+Ketamine.
We also offer aftercare for those who have completed an alternative herbal detox protocol outside of Austin. We can discuss which options might be appropriate based on your specific substance use, health concerns, therapeutic needs, ability to travel, and any budget constraints you are working with. Our concierge team at Root Recovery will work with you to accommodate your unique needs as you begin your journey.

What Is Alternative Detox?

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Opiate addiction recovery is not a one-size-fits all approach. If conventional detox services have failed for you, there is hope. Medical science has progressed exponentially in the last decade, for individuals struggling with opiate addiction and other addictive behaviors. These individuals  now have numerous alternative detox treatments available to aid in mitigating opiate withdrawal.  This holistic approach to detox provides the body and brain the necessary support to create the optimal foundation for sustainable recovery. 

Here are two common alternative approaches to opiate detox, that when combined achieve a high success rate: 

NAD Therapy 

During NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) Therapy, this co-enzyme (which is present in every cell of the human body) is administered in an IV and dripped into the bloodstream. The progressive method of administration allows the substance to bypass the stomach and travel directly to the brain. The individual will be provided with a boost of energy, providing enhanced mood and awareness as this holistic approach allows the individual to recover naturally rather than through other substances. NAD therapy helps to flush out drugs in the system, while also repairing damage the  addiction has caused down to the cellular level, and reduces uncomfortable opiate withdrawal effects. Cravings for opiates are also mitigated as the body naturally produces energy without a crash. 

Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Medically-assisted ketamine treatment involves the use of controlled ketamine infusions to mitigate the symptoms of opiate withdrawal. Ketamine is a medication used as an anesthetic and can produce relief for pain as well as depression and anxiety. Recurrent drug and alcohol abuse results in the brain creating substance-related memories that serve as powerful triggers to continue abusing substances despite negative consequences. Ketamine can disrupt memories in order to rid the user of vulnerable environmental triggers. Ketamine’s anesthetic properties make it an effective medication-assisted treatment for reducing opiate withdrawal symptoms. 

These alternative detox options significantly increase the brain's neuro-plasticity making it easier for individuals addicted to opiates to change habits and learn new ways of thinking and behaving. Because sustainable, long-term recovery begins with the right detox, our team will begin the recovery process by discussing options to help you determine the best method for you. Once you complete your personalized detox, the next phase is joining the community at Root Recovery and benefitting from our hands-on recovery support for the next stage of your journey.

How Long Does Detox Last?

Alternative Detox

Typically, the detox process lasts between seven and 10 days. However, different substances stay in the body for different periods of time and detox-length may vary. Withdrawal from substances such as opioids are non-fatal and may require a mildly shorter detox. Whereas, withdrawal from substances such as alcohol and benzodiazepines can be life-threatening, fatal, and may require a more lengthy process.

Benefits of Alternative Detox

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Making the decision to seek sobriety and finding long-term recovery is extremely difficult. If you've attempted to abruptly stop the use of drugs and alcohol on your own, then you know how this process can be difficult and extremely dangerous. Once the psychological and physical dependence has developed, it is crucial that individuals undergo detox with medical supervision to ensure a safe process. Benefits of alternative drug and detox include:

  • Helps alleviate uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms
  • Encourages clients to participate in further treatment
  • Creates safety, security, and accountability
  • Is staffed with physicians, therapists, and medical professionals around-the-clock

Find Sustainable Addiction Recovery in Austin, Texas

Once you have completed the alternative detox process at Root Recovery, the real work begins. Our NAD+Ketamine therapy will ensure you begin your recovery process in a holistic and foundational way. These specific therapies will not only help to mitigate painful withdrawal symptoms but also help the brain to create new pathways void of drugs and alcohol. 

If you or a loved one has tried and failed at recovery in the past, you may find it difficult to start again. Remembering the pain associated with drug and alcohol detox can be a huge obstacle in seeking recovery. However, at Root Recovery our alternative detox could be what was missing from your process before. While holistic detox is a strong beginning, it is just that; a beginning. In order to find sustainable recovery, you must also work to create an entire treatment plan that addresses the mental, physical, and spiritual components of addiction. Root Recovery is here to help, call our team today!

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