The Cutting-Edge of Sustainable Recovery

Long-Term Sustainable Recovery

There are several key differences between conventional recovery and sustainable recovery approach. The conventional approach has roughly a 10% success rate. That means that 90% of people relapse, which is very risky. And in the case of opiates, it can be fatal.

Our model focuses on the underlying trauma and life conditions that catalized the addiction in the first place, as well as rebuilding your life with purpose. By focusing on core trauma and creating an environment based on LOVE NOT SHAME, our clients can build momentum and the life skills to re-integrate into their previous environment.  

1.         Self care (inner)

2.         Community (outer)

3.         Self discovery (inner)

4.         Purpose (outer)


The following is a break down of what and how Root Recovery supports each pillar in its development:



We promote self-care through simple tasks simple tasks such as keeping your space clean, creating a daily exercise routine (a gym membership is included), good sleep hygiene, and improved nutritional habits. Our weekly chef-led meal prep workshops include education on how to grocery shop (in a way that promotes good health) and how to cook and prepare healthy meals on the go (lessening the impact on your health in our fast food culture). You will also receive an Ayurvedic consultation, which identifies your “constitution” as a guide for nutritional choices that are best for you. You’ll also receive a complimentary massage your first week of arrival. Kambo treatments are also available and complimentary up to three sessions.



Each resident only has one roommate (most places have four or more residents per bedroom), for a maximum of 10 people in the home. We also promote community cooking, and hold several community events throughout the week. We also hold three different recovery meetings a week at the house (one Psychedelics in Recovery meeting and one Recovery Dharma meeting and one SMART Recovery meeting). These events are open to individuals that are not residents at Root Recovery as well. We hold the philosophy that the community is enriched by inclusion. Please be advised that 24/7 supervision is not provided at Root. We are not rehab or conventional aftercare. We are a community and as such, residents are allowed to have a vehicle or come and go according to their personal agreement with Root.


Self Discovery

At Root recovery, our philosophy for sustainable recovery includes getting to know oneself. In the Bwiti tradition (the religious sect in Africa that reveres iboga as their sacrament), it is said that to know oneself is key to life. When one knows themselves, then they can know what they want. And when you know what you want, the path forward becomes clear. To support the process of self-discovery, Root offers a plethora of community workshops.  Six coaching integration sessions are included with a commitment of a 1-3 month stay. Coaching sessions are provided by Anders Beatty, a world-class integration and recovery therapist. We also hold different community events/workshops throughout the week that are designed to support personal transformation/pattern shifts. Themes included, but are not limited to: non-violent communication, a practice called circling, breath-work, hiking, family constellation, enneagram work, meditation, art integration, psychedelic integration, and sound healing (and more).



Discerning one’s purpose in life is central to sustainable recovery. Often times, purpose is forgotten or set aside the longer a person is caught in the cycle of addiction. Not giving attention to purpose is one of the main reasons people relapse after some clean time due to the monotony and boredom engendered by living a life that is not purpose driven. When an individual is living within their purpose, they are affecting the greater good in some way. At Root, we hold workshops that zone in a process that helps people quickly dial in their purpose and then define some simple ways to begin tapping into it.

Important: This Unique Approach is Not For Everyone

While Root Recovery is one of the most respected programs of its kind, it is not for everyone. Root Recovery is an "at will program" and thus we only accept individuals with a strong desire to create a healthy fulfilling life after addiction. We are not a traditional "treatment" facility nor do we operate as a rehab model. We offer an alternative integrative aftercare model that enables individuals the ability to create a lifestyle that supports sustained recovery.

We only accept applicants that are a strong fit for our program and that want their recovery. This program is not a good fit for individuals with low motivation or who are being coerced into treatment.  In order to determine if you or your loved one is a good fit for our program, we do require screening and an interview (either in person or video conference) to evaluate "fit." Please review the information on this page and if you feel that you or your loved one may be a good fit, then contact us (info at bottom of page) to set up a time to meet and discuss by phone or video.

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