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Admitting that you’re struggling and reaching our for help is one of the hardest yet bravest things you can do. At Root Recovery, our alternative addiction treatment method takes into consideration the vulnerabilities and sensitive that comes along with asking for help and keep your safety, privacy, and confidentiality our number one priority. Our admissions coordinators have years of experience in facilitating admission to treatment and are on standby to take your call.


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With a smooth admissions process, our staff guides you through entering treatment and beginning recovery with a smooth transition. Each person’s individualized needs, concerns, and goals are taken into consideration and reviewed prior to admission. Our admissions process is a simple and determines what type of care each client needs individually.

An investment into aftercare and transitional living "extends the runway" of your early recovery phase so that you have the time you need to heal what needs healing and to build the new skills and lifestyle habits necessary for long-term success. 

There are many options and packages available, including ones that you may have not explored yet. To determine the best approach for you or your loved one, we need to take into account your needs, risks, and financial ability.

While we do not take insurance (we are not a "rehab" program), we do partner with M-lend Financial to help those in need of financing. Also keep in mind that our cost is also much lower than conventional treatments (about the cost of a co-pay for conventional treatment). 

Our Admissions Process

Upon reaching out to our facility, our admissions coordinators will conduct an assessment who will ask about your history, addiction, mental health issues, and will also help determine your specific goals and needs for treatment. The approval process goes through our clinical staff and medical staff as well as our administrative staff. This portion reviews assessment and payment information. During admission, each client meets with staff to determine their personalized treatment plan to create the best outcomes for treatment.





Reaching out for help is the most important step in recovery. Begin your new life today.

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