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Root Recovery is an alternative addiction treatment program located in Austin, Texas. Our unique model hinges on the philosophy that you are not your addiction. Addiction is a behavior that is learned, and therefore can be unlearned. This is best achieved by identifying and healing the root of your addiction and creating new and more adaptive behaviors. From therapy and coaching, to a healthy diet and exercise, to tapping into your purpose and creativity, we are here to lead you onto a sustainable path of recovery. 

At Root, we enable you to untangle the complex of addictive behavior through LOVE NOT SHAME. We help you identify and heal the root of your addiction and water it with compassion and love, so that new adaptive behaviors can replace the old maladaptive behaviors so that you can grow into the person you are meant to be.


Our Mission

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Root Recovery strives to create a therapeutically balanced approach utilizing alternative medicine, and a unique aftercare model that facilitates long-term recovery and bridges the gap between quality client-care and compassionate understanding. 

The ability to maintain long-term recovery is an area of concern for many people who have been in the seemingly endless cycle of addiction, and having access to a professional support team and recovery community is vital to successful sobriety. 

Our one-of-a-kind holistic recovery community provides a 1-12 month non-12-step space to seed, grow, and cultivate real and lasting change refected by new habits and life skills. 

Our sustainable recovery plan includes the following three components:

1) Effective Detox 

2) Treatment "cocooning"

3) Sustainable Recovery Support 

Our Vision

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Root Recovery firmly believes that promoting an environment which embraces the values of integrity, compassion, responsibility and excellent will most effectively support and encourage clients in their efforts to take responsibility for their own recovery and well-being.

Our program emphasizes developing a sense of autonomy through practices that enable one to self-author and create their own experience in life rather than clinging to the old paradigm of "once an addict, always an addict".  In our highly-effective program, individuals are offered support in creating a personalized and sustainable recovery plan and implementing an active purpose-filled life. 

How We Help You Find Sustainable Addiction Recovery

While Root Recovery is one of the most respected programs of its kind, it is not for everyone. Root Recovery is an "at will program" and thus we only accept individuals with a strong desire to create a healthy fulfilling life after addiction. We are not a traditional "treatment" facility nor do we operate as a rehab model.

We offer an alternative integrative aftercare model that enables individuals the ability to create a lifestyle that supports sustained recovery. We are very selective and only accept applicants that are a strong fit for our program and that will have a high probability of success.

This program is not a good fit for individuals with low motivation or who are being coerced into treatment. In order to determine if you or your loved one is a good fit for our program, we do require screening and an interview (either in person or video conference) to evaluate "fit." Please review the information on this page and if you feel that you or your loved one may be a good fit, then contact us (info at bottom of page) to set up a time to meet and discuss by phone or video.

Read The Stories of Recovery

JF Texas
"I have seen miracles happen at Root Recovery. It has been amazing seeing the change in people and their recovery process from being here. I can't recommend this place enough!"
QH Virginia
Root recovery has played a huge part in my life and my recovery. I would not be doing so well in my recovery if it wasn’t for Lindsey and Ray. Their combined knowledge on recovery and therapy makes them an amazing team.
JL California
Root Recovery gave me time to create a new lifestyle, build up my tools and a supportive community to provide a base for an amazing recovery and also reconnect with nature and myself on a very deep level.


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