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Welcome to Root Recovery! 

We are home to a pioneering integration and recovery community in beautiful Austin, Texas. Our program helps those who've been caught in the endless cycle of addiction to rebuild a healthy purpose-filled life.

Our unique model hinges on the philosophy that you are not your addiction. Addiction is a behavior that is learned, and therefore can be unlearned. Together, we identify and heal the root of the addiction by creating new and more adaptive behaviors. From trauma informed coaching, to a healthy diet and exercise, to tapping into your purpose, our team helps individuals Revolutionize Options of Transformative Recovery.

Our Services

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Alternative Detox

Opiate addiction recovery is not a one-size-fits all approach. If conventional detox services have failed for you, there is hope. At Root Recovery, we provide a safe community after ibogaine assisted detox to integrate and build new life patterns as the foundation to sustainable recovery. 

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Recovery coaching

Trauma-informed Integration Coaching

Those who experience traumatic life experiences can turn to substances to self soothe. Not only will you receive recovery coaching to help integrate new patterns, but also identify how trauma may have contributed to your addictive behaviors and how to release it. 

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Holistic Therapy Nutritional approach

Trauma informed Addiction Coaching

Our holistic practices teach clients how to tap into intelligence in the body and move out traumatic energies that may be contributing to substance abuse. 

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Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

A revolutionary and recent evidenced-based approach to treating addiction, Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy can help heal, repair, and create sustainable recovery. 

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A Non-12 Step, Integration Community

The ability to maintain long-term recovery is an area of concern for many people who have been in the seemingly endless cycle of addiction, and having access to a professional support team and recovery community is vital to successful sobriety. 

Our one-of-a-kind holistic recovery community helps individual with all types of addiction. We provide a 1-12 month non-12-step space to seed, grow, and cultivate real and lasting change refected by new habits and life skills.

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An Ideal Place to Cocoon in Texas

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A major key to success in the early recovery phase is to create a "cocoon" that is safe and away from and stressors and triggers of the environment that the addictive behavior took place in.   Our restful and supportive recovery community is located in south Austin, with easy access to the city. Austin has much to offer people during their recovery journey, including a beautiful green belt that spans the city from North to South, numerous lakes and natural swimming holes, and countless hiking and biking trails, as well as many cutting edge alternative healing modalities. 

For those looking for a new life transition at the completion of our program, Austin's thriving economy is the perfect place for individuals in recovery to re-create life on a new slate. Austin's combination of affordability, job availability.

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Addiction Philosophy

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Addiction creates chaos and confusion, causing you to lose sight of yourself. At Root Recovery, we believe in not only addressing the symptoms of your addiction, but identifying root causes, our mind, body, and spirit approach can help identify your needs and see addiction for what it is - a behavior that can be unlearned. When our clients understand this concept, they begin to gain a new sense of perspective and empowerment within their lives. 

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Read The Stories of Recovery

JF Texas
"I have seen miracles happen at Root Recovery. It has been amazing seeing the change in people and their recovery process from being here. I can't recommend this place enough!"
QH Virginia
Root recovery has played a huge part in my life and my recovery. I would not be doing so well in my recovery if it wasn’t for Lindsey and Ray. Their combined knowledge on recovery and therapy makes them an amazing team.
JL California
Root Recovery gave me time to create a new lifestyle, build up my tools and a supportive community to provide a base for an amazing recovery and also reconnect with nature and myself on a very deep level.


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